Ask For Help


Are you a type ‘A’? A driver? Does the buck stop with you? To quote one of the greatest minds of our times – Ron Burgundy – “I’m kind of a big deal”…is that you? Well if so…I have advice! Yes, even the big dogs need advice from time to time. I have 3 suggestions for you that I promise will help your business, your mental state, and your relationships. I know that sounds like pretty big expectations – I can deliver on this…I promise. Here we go…change your world in 3 – 2 – 1:

  1. Ask For Help – One of the things that can hinder strong people is their reluctance to ask for help. Usually they know their weaknesses, but have trouble acknowledging it to others. Even if they do – they have trouble delegating or asking for assistance. Asking for help is part of it, but listening and then letting others actually impact your decisions or your behavior is the key.  It takes a confident person and a healthy ego to ask for help. I have learned it doesn’t make you a bad business owner to ask others for help in areas that are not your strengths. It says to your employees, your partners, your vendors, your family, and your friends that you put the growth of the business, their success, and the health of your relationships above your ego. Most people admire those who can admit they need help. It is a sign of strength!


  1. Wait – As a decision maker you are used to running at the speed of business. I completely understand that there are some decisions that need to be made quickly and decisively. However, there are times when waiting is the best answer! This is usually the hardest things for drivers – they are used to asking and getting answers. They are used to having the answers…they are used to things moving fast. Add to the immediate gratification world we live in now with technology raising our expectations of communications…it is a perfect mix to set ourselves up for failure. There are things that just take time. The development of employees, long term goals are built on short term goals…do not expect to skip to the top, implementing processes take time, habits take time, learning is a constant journey and takes patient, etc. Life is too short to mix up the things that we should expect now and the things that have to occur naturally. So – sometimes…do the best you can…and wait!



  1. Turn Around – We are so busy moving forward. We charge ahead – progress! We have stuff to do! Growing! Implementing things! New products or services! Industry trends! Cash flow! Employee needs! Goals! Sometimes it’s good to stop and turn around! There you will usually see others following you! Or at least you will see others starting a business, a career, going through the problems you went through, needing some help, sometime – maybe needing advice or a simple ear to listen. If you want to really change your life learn to help others. Learn to make time to do for them what others have done for you. And if you think you are  ‘self-made’ – then stop reading this and go get help. NONE OF US are self-made. All of us had someone at some point say yes – or trust us when we didn’t deserve it – or gave us some time when they were busy. Want to change your path – help someone on theirs.


Ask for help - be patient with the important things – help others! These 3 things will change your life. Free up your time – earn the respect of those around you – and will help you build stronger relationships.