What Does Your Company Smell Like?

So, what does your company smell like? Odd question, right? Well let me see if I can somehow herd the cats in my head and make sense of the silliness. Ever bought a new car? I am not talking about a ‘new to you preowned’ car – I mean a brand new – rolled off the transport truck – automobile? 

You know the one that just smells like you should buy it? The leather, the carpet, the newness of it. Why do you think the sales person wants you in that car to drive? Well there are a few reasons, the least important is so they can give you facts about the car.  The most three important reasons are: 

Establish a relationship with you – even if it is superficial, it is the starting point of gaining your trust. After all we usually end up doing business with people we just ‘feel’ good about.