The Power Of A List

I love lists.  We all do - right?  A top 10 ‘this’.  Five ways to be more ‘that’.  Seven things you should do now.  Twenty things that will make you more whatever it is you want to be.  Who doesn't love a good list? (Put your hands down – you’re embarrassing yourself).  So now that we have established that lists are what makes the world go round – I have three lists that you should be making and keeping up with. Here we go… 

Marketing List:
“I don’t have a marketing budget.” – “I don’t know how much I spend on advertising.” These are typical responses from most companies when I ask about their marketing and advertising budget. You would be amazed at how many folks don’t plan their marketing. So – then we ask some questions: How much do you spend on business cards? Social media? Print pieces? Little league baseball team sponsorships? Events? The ‘on hold’ phone messaging system? Email or newsletter marketing? Training sales folks?  It is $100 here - $550 there - $250 a month on this - $700 on that….the final tally is either much more or less than they thought. Either way – the fact they do not know helps explain their frustration. There is no intentionality behind their budget – no framework – no direction – no united message or goal. So – the first list you should make is a list of everything you spend money on that is marketing and advertising.