The 8 Questions That Will Change Your Business And Life

The eight questions that will change your business and life: 

Why do I do what I do? 
Your ‘why’ has to be bigger than your pain – bigger than your fear – bigger than your stress – louder than the naysayers – louder than the voice of self-doubt – stronger than the pull of the mediocre – stronger than the push of impatience. Your why needs to be clear – be your passion –and it does not have to be from work or centered around money, materials, trips, etc… Fill in the blank here – What is my why? ____________________________ This is what you should center your decisions on! Without it you will go through life like a kite in a tornado. 

What language do I speak?
Believe it or not we all have a love language. I know – I know…here comes our Oprah moment. But…it’s true. We each have a way we liked to be loved. Some it’s touch and some it’s gifts; there are a number of ways. Do you know yours? If you don’t, how can you help those in your world better communicate their love to you. Now – check this out – we each have a language we speak at work too. We each feel rewarded different ways. Some, it’s time off – others a public pat on the back – money – or maybe growth opportunities. If you don’t know how others can build you up –
then how can they really invest in you and your success. Know thyself.