Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

The 17 things I learned in 2016. Hopefully they will help me move on to bigger and better in 2017 – you may find some meaning in them as well. So here goes: 

1) You can’t change ‘them’ – You can’t change people. Stop trying…but also stop denying that we do influence and affect people. You are not responsible for their choices and actions…but you do contribute.  

2) You will change when you want to – When you get tired of feeling how you feel and living like you’re living…you will do what it takes to change it. Period…until then…just keep complaining.  

3) Cash flow is king – Of all the numbers you can look at and monitor…this one is the most important to track and trend. Cash flow buys you time to work on other issues or problems…no cash…the clock is ticking.