Fishing For Clients

So if you want to fish there are a two ways to do it - dynamite (we don’t recommend and you will go to jail for) and fishing.  And, if you really want to increase your odds of catching bass then you probably need to know some things. 

What time of day is the best? What do they like to eat? What part of the lake are they found most? How deep are they? Bank fishing versus boat fishing – which is best? Seasons and temps can affect the fishing? Cloud cover versus sunny.  

So with all that being said, what is the one variable (I am sure there are more, but for the purposes of this rhetorical article…we will pretend I left just one thing out) I left out?  

What type of fish? I mean a lot of the things we mentioned above will change depending on if you want to catch catfish or if you want to catch bass. And there are different types of bass that goes into play as well. Now once you have that answer then the questions and variable above will start to fall in place.