2016 New Years Resolutions For Your Company

I am going to stop eating donuts.  Okay– Let’s be honest that probably isn’t going to happen.  (Don’t worry Tony McInnis with Tasty Donuts…your apple fritters had me at hello) – and as much as I want to commit to watching less TV I am not sure I can do without the life-changing, motivational, true-north type of direction in life that the Kardashians deliver each week.  

As a business owners there are some resolutions you could make that would help you. Help your business grows, help you grow your network, help you with employee retention, and help you be more efficient. So get out your list and let’s go over a few…shall we? We shall: 

Get Mobile - If your website isn’t mobile…get it mobile and quick.  If you have not researched mobile advertising/marketing…look into it and see if it makes sense for your business. It is growing and it is not going to change.  

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